My name is Nick and I am currently a Graphic Designer and VIZ Artist at WXIN FOX59 and WTTV Indiana’s 4 in Indianapolis. I create news graphics, on air templates, and printed materials for the newscasts and stations.

Working in News has really pushed my limits. It forces you to trust your instincts and hone your communication skills, because there is always something that needs done and they need it now! You work hard to understand what producers need and what the project is about right up front. You often don’t have time for a lot of revisions. It’s crazy, but it can be fun. I also do a little freelance on the side, from app design to brochures.

I’m young, ambitious, and eager to learn!

Personally: I love reading in my freetime and can devour books rapidly. I love video games, even though I seem to not have much time for them anymore. I love going to the movies, there is just something about the big screen and great sound that makes a movie much more enjoyable, well, unless there is a talker in the theater.

Take a look around and I hope you like what you see!